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In the neighboring village of San Javier, the Spanish military acrobatics flying team Patrulla Aguila (Eagle Patrol) have their base.

There’s also a military base in Los Alcazares that has been a base for water airplanes since 1915!

This LA base is still active today but no longer as a seaplane base. It has also been used as a film location previously.

Living in LA, it is hard to miss the activities of the Patrulla Aguila. If they’re not out demonstrating their skills in the air over the Mar Menor, leaving trails of multi-colored smoke behind, you can see them on a daily basis training for the next demonstration. Of course, training also involves flying, so they are out Mondays to Fridays basically every week.

The Patrulla Aguilla perform throughout Spain and abroad but practice locally over Mar Menor.  You can keep track of their activities from the LA beaches, or from the La Manga seafront.  If you’re lucky and see them at work on a not-so-windy day, the smoky trails show what they’ve been painting in the sky.

Here are some of their acrobatic flyby’s.

The new Pilatus PC-21 turboprop trainers:

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More on their jet aircraft.

More on their turboprop trainers.

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